Monday, April 24, 2017

Back to the Scrappy Circles

So this was the plan last month  - 48 x 64 interior and borders.

Now it is going to be 20 blocks - 64 x 80 interior and borders.  It looks a bit of a hot mess right now.
It was so gray outside and even with a flash it looks like a grey background.
Today was Table of Grace.  We shopped in the down pours  but it was fun cooking weather when we got back to church.  We made roast pork loin with an orange cranberry glaze, stewed potatoes, green beans, corn pudding and a cherry pineapple dump cake for dessert for those who braved the rain to join us.

Saturday afternoon I spotted these peony blooms from my kitchen window.  This is a plant I have had for several years but it never seems to produce more than 2 or 3 flowers.  But they are striking!

The Siberian Iris are near their peak.

This is a single yellow knockout rose. They are just starting and by next week will be covered in their first bloom of the season.

I brought the peonies in so I could enjoy them before the rain took them.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bread Ministry and Bee

The delivery bags are ready.

We package them in plastic bags after they have cooled.

Friday we made 36 loaves of oatmeal bread that will be delivered to newcomers. 
We have 250 names on our list this quarter so we will be doing lots more loaves.

The kitchen is cleaned up and ready for Table of Grace group Monday.

At Bee on Saturday we began work on a quilt that we will donate to the church bazaar held in October.  We brought our machines and each made a block.

This is the layout that we will use. I really like it and the block is very easy to sew.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Quilting started on Easy Strippy Quilt

On a nice afternoon last week  - I went out to the little house  - to check on things and I ended up  loading this quilt and getting it started.
 It's a fairly small quilt so it shouldn't take too long to finish.

It is a very simple wavy line pattern and even at that I feel like I need to do lots more practice before I start another one.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Another Quilt

A block from 100 quilt blocks magazine.   S and I each started making it back in February I think.
I need to get back to work on it.  

Lots and lots of strip piecing in each block.  But they are 18 inch blocks.  

Gonza's has been one of our favorite eateries this past year.  Kathy and I like this greeter!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Finished Quilt

I think I quilted this last year sometime.

It is an Edita Sitar pattern.  It is mostly batiks. I finished it just in time for a 50th birthday gift for John's brother's daughter Chrissy.

 Yesterday was the anniversary of John's birthday!  We miss being able to celebrate his day with him.
This is a picture my daughter gave me recently - Out in his workshop reading a book to Emily in 1999.  

Thanks to Mario the yard is all cleaned up for spring
 This would make John smile as he loved being outside when the weather was good especially after the lawn had just been mowed.