Friday, April 20, 2012

Banner, Blocks and Buildings

We're having a baby baptism at church Sunday so I cleared off the sewing table to have some space to fix a banner for little Taylor. I delivered it to church yesterday when I went down to work at food pantry.

The courtyard looked so pretty as I left I just had to take a couple of pictures.  There is a fountain on the right side which was added this year.  It makes a pleasant walk between the buildings.

The red maple was planted about ten years ago and has really filled in it's space nicely.

These Encore azaleas were added a couple of years after the maple.  They have been beautiful this spring.


I brought home these blocks that I sewed at the lake last weekend to press.  Both sets came from my spare parts box.  I have scads of half square triangles so will use them for these star blocks.

This set of blocks will use the four patches in the spare parts box.  I'll have to make the alternate  partial snowball units as I go along.  I have made two quilts using this pattern in the past. One is on the wall up at the lake so I will have that as a visual pattern as I go along.

Today I started cutting out two new quilts.  I can't even believe I am doing it. But I have wanted to make a T quilt and at the same time I am cutting out another H quilt.  I have one partially made but for some reason it just doesn't seem right for the person I have in mind to receive it.  So I will try another one.

Have a nice weekend!

Monday, April 16, 2012


Up at the lake the past few days, I sifted through a couple of unfinished projects and a box of spare parts(four patches, nine patches, half square triangles that I grabbed to take along.

UFO #1 is almost 150 string pieced blocks. They are 5 1/2 inches square.  I figured I could make them into a Veteran's Quilt.  I cut setting triangles, some extra squares and binding from the red star print. If I figured correctly, I will have a 63 x 70" top.  Back in the box to pull out when I need something to sew.

UFO # 2 is my Charlie Brown quilt that I keep putting aside.  Thursday,when I was sewing with friends down in Goldsboro, I found this great Moda red at Thistle Bee Quilt Shop.  I bought 2.5 yds.
I wanted to make this a little bigger than the original pattern.  So I cut a few more large nine patch units and found 36 small nine patches in the spare parts box.

Love this red with the yellow and green leaves for the large sashing. Back in the box!
At the lake, my bar is my cutting area.  I had planned to show what I did with my box of spare parts but blogger seems to slow for me this evening.  Next time. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's On Your Bed?

Inquiring minds at quiltville want to know!

The bed in this guest room is wearing the Dresden Plate that I finished in February.  I didn't want to fold it up and put it away just yet and it has the perfect look for spring and summer.   I've been thinking that I might want to make this pattern in a baby quilt size.  I think the 30's fabrics are perfect for baby quilts.

 This is the scene across the hall in the spare bedroom.  This is a quilt I made in 2007.  It is made of mostly batiks.  I took off the Christmas quilt and this was the next layer.  The occupants don't seem to mind what I put on this bed!

Somewhere in a box I have enough blocks made for another quilt. (I tried to make the colors more compatible?) I wasn't completely happy with the quilting either but I think it has grown on me.

What's on my bed?  Nothing! Up until about 30 minutes ago.  I had taken the sheets off this morning to put in the laundry and ................................

More Five Inch Squares

These are the final 20 five inch squares that I had cut from 30's fabrics.  There may be 5 or 6 more but they will go in the scraps.  I have another kit cut that is similar to the red one I made a couple of weeks ago.  I like this one better and it doesn't take  too much extra time to make the nine patches.  The blue floral setting triangles are much brighter than they appear in the photo. It will make a cute donation quilt.

Tomorrow is definitely not going to be a sewing day!  I have procrastinated as long as I dare.  The 15th is fast approaching.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Five Inch Squares

 Each time I come across this little stack of five inch squares, I wonder what I intended to use them for when I cut them.  This afternoon I decided to so something with them.  I cut some white squares the same size.  Then cut some setting triangles and started sewing.

By 5PM I had finished this little quilt top.  It is 44 x 51" and when finished I will donate it to Quilts for Kids at Capital Quilters Guild.
I have enough squares to make at least one more. 

Kathy invited us over for lasagna this evening so I didn't have to cook today.  She even let me win at Scrabble by more than 50 pts. Actually I didn't cook at all this weekend.  John took me to McLean's for breakfast on Saturday and we had dinner with Tracey and Paul that night.   Got to see four of the grand kids  - always fun - they stay busy so it's nice when we get to spend a little time with them.