Friday, April 20, 2012

Banner, Blocks and Buildings

We're having a baby baptism at church Sunday so I cleared off the sewing table to have some space to fix a banner for little Taylor. I delivered it to church yesterday when I went down to work at food pantry.

The courtyard looked so pretty as I left I just had to take a couple of pictures.  There is a fountain on the right side which was added this year.  It makes a pleasant walk between the buildings.

The red maple was planted about ten years ago and has really filled in it's space nicely.

These Encore azaleas were added a couple of years after the maple.  They have been beautiful this spring.


I brought home these blocks that I sewed at the lake last weekend to press.  Both sets came from my spare parts box.  I have scads of half square triangles so will use them for these star blocks.

This set of blocks will use the four patches in the spare parts box.  I'll have to make the alternate  partial snowball units as I go along.  I have made two quilts using this pattern in the past. One is on the wall up at the lake so I will have that as a visual pattern as I go along.

Today I started cutting out two new quilts.  I can't even believe I am doing it. But I have wanted to make a T quilt and at the same time I am cutting out another H quilt.  I have one partially made but for some reason it just doesn't seem right for the person I have in mind to receive it.  So I will try another one.

Have a nice weekend!

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