Saturday, April 14, 2018

En Provence Quilting

I finished piecing my 2016 en provence quilt ( Bonnie Hunter Mystery)  in May of last year.
 And I have finally started quilting it.
I've quilted three donation quilts  so time for a time for a large quilt!
And as usual the mystery quilt is big  - 87 by 87" 

That will be fun to bind - smile!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sling Blade Gets Borders

I posted about this quilt that I made in January 2017.
I stopped and put it away as I couldn't find anything I liked for a border.
I went to a quilt shop with friends on Saturday and at the last minute decided to take this top with me.
The shop was having a sale and as luck would have it I found a fabric that I liked pretty well - dark turquoise with yellow and blue motifs.  I looked around for an accent border to use with it but no luck there.
Sunday evening I looked at fabrics in the stash and found nothing that was large enough to use.

i had several small pieces of a lighter turquoise and decided to try a technique that I had learned in a landscape quilt class many years ago.  I cut several pieces of freezer paper and after a few mistrials I figured it out.  Not sure if this is exactly how I learned to but it worked for me.
Each side has a different fabric for the inner border.
And now I can call this top finished.  Hurrah!

Got up early Monday morning and sewed the borders on before I 
went to Bible Study.
Took this quick picture on the floor as I was headed out the door.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Collage Cat

I started this in early March  - took a class at Ladybug Quilt Cottage.
I have done lots of fusing and cutting of flowers etc. - but looks like I need to do lots more.
Next class in mid-April  ------

Took this picture of Luther  -I think he would be a fine collage subject!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

More Quilting - Donation Quilts

This is a donation quilt made with strings.  I swiped some strings with a friend and these are some of the darker blocks. 

This is all finished and I will donate it at Pine Tree Quilters Guild soon.

I have the prism star ready to quilt. 
I will use it as a patriotic donation for the VA Hospital Hospice Unit.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Scrappy Stars Baby Quilt

This past week I have been working on these little star blocks on and off.  Saturday afternoon I sewed most of the blocks together.  I had sorted out the fabrics while watching tv so it was just a matter of making the blocks.

I found this cute print with all of the colors in it, used some leftover 9 patch blocks to make the back wide enough and found this binding leftover from another project.  Sometimes things just work out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Working on the Christmas Dustry Miller Quilt/Easter

I finished sewing the blocks together and added the borders.
I made 36 blocks so the quilt will finish out in the neighborhood of 92" square.

I used a fabric I had on hand for the borders and added a half square triangle on the corners.
 Just have to appliqué all 36  half ovals in the border.
I'll be teaching this block at Ladybug - the paper pieced part tomorrow  - the rest of the block next week - so I am really glad to have my quilt top finished.

 I found this reddish coral and green paisley in the stash and supplemented it with some Christmas blocks that I won in a block exchange last year.  Made the backing this morning - need to look for some binding fabric.

Who needs Ham - I'll have desserts!

Lots of porch fun and an April Fool's trick or two.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

More Dusty Miller Blocks

I really like these blocks - so much fun to put them up as they are finished.
The weather has been so dreary - cloudy - overcast - foggy - drizzly.  
My pictures aren't great in sunny weather but it is what it is.
More blocks in the works!