Thursday, December 20, 2012

She Likes it

I gave this quilt to Hannah for her 21st Birthday when she was home for Thanksgiving. Since orange is her favorite color I felt it would suit her. 

 I'm not sure if she will take it to school or if Mom will hold on to it until she finishes college.

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Womans Club Project

Today is our meeting day for Wendell Woman's Club so I wanted to share our project this month.
 Late in November, we decorated and filled bags of goodies for the school age children of our local food pantry clients.  We filled 72 bags with fresh fruit, snacks, candy and juice boxes.  They will provide the children with a snack during the time they are out of school during the Christmas break. 
This was part of our ongoing "Feed the Future" project.

Tomorrow is my morning to work at the food pantry so I will be able to see first hand how this is being received.  Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Finished Santa

Last Thursday at Sally's, C,C,S and I started this Santa doll.  Things were quiet around here today so I finished my version.  I really had to do some digging through some old stuff to find some scraps to make a beard.  I used a combination of two leftover packages. 
I have had this pattern for quite awhile.  I used to make a new Santa doll each year but have skipped the last three or four years.  Perhaps I'll try to catch up as I do have at least two other patterns that I haven't done.  One has the the head sculpted, but I'll have to wait until I come across the rest of the pattern. And anyway, it probably won't happen until next year.
My new Saint Nick couldn't wait to join some of the others on the hearth.  Happy Tuesday!