Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Old Projects - Sewing Along

I made nine more snowball blocks this morning.  I had assembled them while watching TV one evening. 
 I had a bunch of foam plates that had gotten scrappy ( a little dented) from being moved around in the cupboard.  So I arranged each block on a plate and stacked them.  Everything stayed in place and all I had to do was sew.  Perfect for these small 4.5" blocks. 
 And I can reuse the plates for the same purpose.

I also sewed some of my little black and white blocks together in groups of four. Then cut out a few more black blocks.  This will probably be a fairly small quilt as I am surely getting tired of these blocks.  They are simple to sew but don't hold my interest too long.

I wanted to get a couple of projects ready to take to the beach for some easy sewing there.  I made up 2 kits for donation quilts -  One for veteran's hospice unit and one for the church where one of the bees meets.  I don't know how much sewing will be accomplished as we do lots of game playing too.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

25 Blocks

25 blocks sewn together but I'm not crazy about the square.  It measures about 46.5".

So I will start by adding two more rows of blocks and then determine what to do for borders.  I made a little sample of what I thought might work - but as you can see it is just not right  - it has no connection to the quilt whatsoever except that it is made with the same fabrics.

I have a couple of other ideas -they will have to wait until I get back from the beach - if I haven't gone off on another tangent by then.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

More Blocks

More dark blocks done  - more light blocks to trim and sew together,  Will probably rearrange the blocks before sewing together.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bunkhouse String Squares Plus - Work in Progress

A couple of weeks ago while looking through pictures of my quilts to post on a FB challenge with a friend - I got the urge to make another quilt from men's shirt fabrics.  I made several and called them Bunkhouse Quilts.  So I got out the box with all the pre-cut strips.  I had lots of 1.5" strips leftover in short lengths.  I sewed them together and trimmed them into 5" squares. Sewed them into four patches.

Nine blocks  - all medium and darks.  Pretty boring, It looks darker in real life,

So to lighten it up - I made light blocks. Better but still boring.

I made some light blocks and cut out circles to applique to the dark blocks.  I like this .

What if I use the dark circles that I removed from the behind the light circles on the light blocks too.
I should maybe add a dark inner border?

Maybe turn them on point - no.

I think I need to make more blocks - so now I'll have to cut more 1.5" strips.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Progress on Churn Dashes --- And Oh Dear a Deer

I am still cutting out some of the smaller blocks.  Guess I won't be sure if I have a good balance of shades of blue until I sew up what I have cut.

I sewed quite a few at Ladybug  Sit and Sew last Tuesday and at Sally's on Thursday but then I got distracted - more on that soon.  

And the snowball blocks have been abandoned too.  I do have 10 more ready to sew  - maybe a good plan for Thursday at C's.

Al showing us around the hunting camp

Al to the Rescue Again

This morning I left the house about 9:30 to deliver a casserole to a friend before I went to Sit and Sew at Ladybug.  Had lunch with friends, did a couple of errands and returned home about 3:30.  Put away my stuff and went out to get the mail.
What is that lying on the front lawn?
 Oh no - Oh dear - a dead deer.  
Was it there when I left this morning? Surely I would have seen it as I passed right by where it was lying.  
Well, of course the first thing I did was to call Al to see if I should call the Wildlife people or what.
  (This type of problem was under John's area of expertise so to speak),  
Pretty soon Al was at the door - he said the wildlife people said they don't pick up dead deer unless they are in the road.  It is up to the home owner to dispose of the deer.  UGH!!!!!
Al had already walked over to check out the deer (not me)  - he said it was a doe and she had delivered a baby (premature) and did I want to see it.
Not really.
Well - as it turned out I had to suck it up and look.  
We (mostly Al) ended up taking it to the back and placing it in the tree line.  It certainly felt better than disposing of her in the land fill (wild life suggestion).  

I really am fortunate and grateful to have such a good brother in law. Thanks Al!