Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Old Projects - Sewing Along

I made nine more snowball blocks this morning.  I had assembled them while watching TV one evening. 
 I had a bunch of foam plates that had gotten scrappy ( a little dented) from being moved around in the cupboard.  So I arranged each block on a plate and stacked them.  Everything stayed in place and all I had to do was sew.  Perfect for these small 4.5" blocks. 
 And I can reuse the plates for the same purpose.

I also sewed some of my little black and white blocks together in groups of four. Then cut out a few more black blocks.  This will probably be a fairly small quilt as I am surely getting tired of these blocks.  They are simple to sew but don't hold my interest too long.

I wanted to get a couple of projects ready to take to the beach for some easy sewing there.  I made up 2 kits for donation quilts -  One for veteran's hospice unit and one for the church where one of the bees meets.  I don't know how much sewing will be accomplished as we do lots of game playing too.

1 comment:

spope said...

As i am not a fan of snowballs real or not i will say I love the colors.
I do love the little black and white blocks with the splash of color. How big are they 4.5? know i saw them just can't remember.
Love all your work but you know that.