Thursday, August 30, 2012

She Was Right

Saturday at Bee, I sewed these blocks together.  I had made them a few months back to practice sewing with my shirt fabrics.  I only had 20 blocks which made the top 40 x 50". I knew I had a 2XX plaid shirt that I could use for the border. 
Connie suggested that I use a narrow inner border to separate the outer border.  I found a blue with some sparkles on it and it was just enough.      She was right  - she usually is.

This morning I sewed the borders on and I do like how it looks.  It will be used for a veterans quilt eventually.  It now measures 49 x 59".   Thanks Connie.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zig Zag Quilt


We went to the lake Sunday after church.  It rained most of Sunday and Monday morning so I had time to sew.  I found the leftover HST's from this quilt and sewed them into blocks.  I thought I might have enough for a small donation quilt but this is it.   So I guess I will put them away for awhile until I come up with more HST's.  It would only measure 36 x 36" as is.

John had hired the tree service to come and cut down the 80 - 90 foot White Oak at the back corner of the cottage.  Six guys spent the day Tuesday, cutting six trees and trimming up all the trees on the front side of the cottage. ( John's projects have a way of expanding - as in "as long as you're here - let's go ahead and do this too")  And three of our neighbors will be having them do work on their property.  They'll busy in our neighborhood for a few days.

A hard working and polite crew of young men,   They cut, hauled, ground and raked all day. 

It was pretty alarming to me to see all the limbs they cut but I admit that our view from the porch has changed dramatically.  We can see out in the cove to the little island.

Went out for a ride after dinner to check out the lake view too.
Saturday is  Undercover Bee.  We will  have an all day session to make patriotic quilts for the Veteran's Hosptial in Durham.  I need to get in the sewing room and plan what I will take to work on.  Also decide what to make to share at lunch. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Project

Last Friday after I finished the binding on my Dresden 2 quilt, I decided to start another project.
I have been wanting to make something with ALL those thrift shop shirts I have been buying and cutting up.  My friend Connie made this pattern in homespuns and it is just wonderful.  The pattern is in a book by Evelyn Sloppy.  Our local library has a copy so I can check it out when I get to the borders.  I  know it has 2o blocks in the middle so that will keep me occupied for awhile.

  Actually it was after I got out the batik scraps and played with them for awhile.   I wanted to make a journal cover for our ministerial intern, Liz, who will be going back to Duke for 2 more years this fall. So I used a HOPE block for the front and a LOVE block for the back.  Added a row of tiny half square triangles down the spine area, add enough strings to make it big enough and quilted it. It looked really nice.  I didn't take a picture. I was just glad to have it ready to give to her at early service on Sunday.

On a personal note - John had an encouraging report from the Oncologist Friday.  His CT Scan showed minimal growth in any tumors from last month.  She says that it appears that his immune system is doing a good job of fighting the cancer on it's own right now.  Since he is doing well, they will wait three months before they see him again.  Thank God for His mercy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lazy Monday at the Lake

Just sitting on the porch doing Sudoku games and working on the binding of the Dresden 2 quilt.  Just 1 more side and it will be finished.  Hooray!

Heading back home to lots of meetings and appointments this week!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Lake Sewing Project

I've been making these 8 inch star blocks at the lake on and off.   I decided to bring them home this week as I needed to cut a few more.  I wanted to determine if I had enough color and pattern variation.

I'm using a pattern in a book called "Miss Rosie Quilts" by Kim Deihl.  It has 36 stars in the center bordered by flying geese and then another pieced border.  Lots of cutting.  Now I need to take the stars down and trim them before I sew them together.  I also need to cut for another 70 flying geese tomorrow.

There were so many butterflies flitting around out here this afternoon.  I can't believe I have none in the picture.  I love when this viburnum blossoms in late July/early August.  The white blooms look so fresh and crisp.  They can be dried and used in winter arrangements. 

This plant is 12 years old.  My sisters Barb and Janet bought it for me at the State Farmers Market in August 2000.  John had been in and out of the hospital so many times that year so they drove down from NYS for a few days to lend moral support. 

There is a huge Lantana in front of it.  I think that is what really attracts all the butterflies.  We've had a lot of hot weather this summer and fortunately we've been getting rain when we need it too.  We need to get out and trim some of this growth when it's a little cooler.

Happy Weekend! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Top Finished

This morning I finished this quilt top.  The blocks were easy to make but I just knew I didn't want to make dozens of them. 
The top measures 46 x 54 inches and will make a nice size baby quilt.  I'm not a big fan of borders just to enlarge the top size but I feel this one complements the center.
I will use leftover strips from the center for the binding.

John and I went to the lake after church Sunday. 

 It was hot, humid and showery on Monday. 
 I asked John  if he wanted to go for a ride to a quilt shop in Phenix, VA.  (Some of our Bee members are going there at the end of the month.  I couldn't go then as we are expecting company from CT.  Soooo I decided I should check it out.)
 I remembered looking it up on the GPS last year and it was about 50 miles from us.  We left about 1:30.   When I tried to enter in on the Toyota GPS all I could get was Phoenix AZ.  Well to make a long story short  - it was actually 93 miles away and  lots of scenic roads! Thankfully I had looked it up on a VA map we had at the cottage and had an idea where it was.

 In a beautiful country setting, the shop was very nice.  The owner, Lori, and her husband Steve are so friendly and welcoming.  She and John are from the same area of NY state.  They made fresh coffee and Steve and John had a great conversation while I shopped.
Threads Run Through It is the name of the shop.  They have an online store and also do custom quilting and embroidery.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some Sewing Time

Scrappy Kalidescope Blocks

Somewhere, not too long ago, I saw a Kalidescope Quilt made with pieced blocks.  I was sewing with C & S the other day and decided to try and make it from memory.  I bought a special ruler and started cutting 4.5" blocks.  They just seemed too small so I went to 5 inches for cutting.   My finished block is 8.25".

I think this will be a baby quilt  with borders. I' m not too sure I really like it.

It isn't hard to sew just lots of seams.

Friday, August 3, 2012

July Table of Grace

 Danny & Jim getting ready to serve

It was a hot day with thunderstorms but we had a good crowd and a nice meal.
We served ham, potato salad, tomatoes and cucumbers from Scott's garden, biscuits and home made pound cake with ice cream.

We were happy to have Jim helping us all day.  Peeling potatoes, washing dishes and serving.  Jim retired from the ministry this June.  He is a native of Wendell and grew up in our church.  He was my children's Sunday School teacher and youth leader when they were in high school.  It is a real blessing to have him back at WUMC.

Our intern, Liz, gave a  the message on HOPE.

H - Hang in there with Jesus
O - Open your heart and mind to His word
P -  the Possibilities are endless with Him
E - Each and everyone of us is loved abundantly by Him.

We had some really good music too!

Come join us in August - the last Monday at 6PM - it'll be a blessing to you!