Friday, August 10, 2012

Lake Sewing Project

I've been making these 8 inch star blocks at the lake on and off.   I decided to bring them home this week as I needed to cut a few more.  I wanted to determine if I had enough color and pattern variation.

I'm using a pattern in a book called "Miss Rosie Quilts" by Kim Deihl.  It has 36 stars in the center bordered by flying geese and then another pieced border.  Lots of cutting.  Now I need to take the stars down and trim them before I sew them together.  I also need to cut for another 70 flying geese tomorrow.

There were so many butterflies flitting around out here this afternoon.  I can't believe I have none in the picture.  I love when this viburnum blossoms in late July/early August.  The white blooms look so fresh and crisp.  They can be dried and used in winter arrangements. 

This plant is 12 years old.  My sisters Barb and Janet bought it for me at the State Farmers Market in August 2000.  John had been in and out of the hospital so many times that year so they drove down from NYS for a few days to lend moral support. 

There is a huge Lantana in front of it.  I think that is what really attracts all the butterflies.  We've had a lot of hot weather this summer and fortunately we've been getting rain when we need it too.  We need to get out and trim some of this growth when it's a little cooler.

Happy Weekend! 

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Barbara said...

Absolutely beautiful, your flowers are always optimum. The quilt is gorgeous.