Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zig Zag Quilt


We went to the lake Sunday after church.  It rained most of Sunday and Monday morning so I had time to sew.  I found the leftover HST's from this quilt and sewed them into blocks.  I thought I might have enough for a small donation quilt but this is it.   So I guess I will put them away for awhile until I come up with more HST's.  It would only measure 36 x 36" as is.

John had hired the tree service to come and cut down the 80 - 90 foot White Oak at the back corner of the cottage.  Six guys spent the day Tuesday, cutting six trees and trimming up all the trees on the front side of the cottage. ( John's projects have a way of expanding - as in "as long as you're here - let's go ahead and do this too")  And three of our neighbors will be having them do work on their property.  They'll busy in our neighborhood for a few days.

A hard working and polite crew of young men,   They cut, hauled, ground and raked all day. 

It was pretty alarming to me to see all the limbs they cut but I admit that our view from the porch has changed dramatically.  We can see out in the cove to the little island.

Went out for a ride after dinner to check out the lake view too.
Saturday is  Undercover Bee.  We will  have an all day session to make patriotic quilts for the Veteran's Hosptial in Durham.  I need to get in the sewing room and plan what I will take to work on.  Also decide what to make to share at lunch. 

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