Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Another Quilt Top Finished?

I made backing and bindings for the H Quilt

And for the donation baby quilt.

Then with a little more free time to spare I decided to sew the final blocks of the BH mystery quilt together.  I laid it out on the carpet for a quick picture, folded it up with the intention of making a backing the next morning.

I found 2 or 3 fabrics that would work for the backing and while I was looking for binding fabric ..... I found this, which had slipped off the edge of the machine.  I hadn't even realized I was missing a row in the picture above.  
Oh how I hate to think about unsewing  that long seam with all those intersections. Rats!!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rainy Day Sewing

Love these rainy days!
It has been so hot for this early in the year that we can really use some rain.

I bought fabric for a couple of donation quilts at Ladybug Cottage a couple go weeks ago.

This is a very simple quilt idea that I saw on an episode of the Quilt Show.
 Just a center panel of fabric (24 X 30), followed by a 3"border, then bordered by
 flying geese which are 3 x 6"each.

The finished size is 42 by 48"

I will cut out the other one today. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Another H Quilt

Yesterday was a dreary day with periods of rain.
After my appointment with the dentist, I had a plan to come home and read.
However I felt I should straighten up my sewing room a little first.
This is what happened instead.

Last year when I gave my nephew Stephen an H-Quilt at our family reunion. 
 His wife sent me an email thanking me for the quilt and mentioned that their youngest daughter Zoe had claimed it as hers on the way home and had been playing on it and sleeping with it since.

She will be seven this year so I thought I would make one for her of her very own, just her size.
I love making these simple blocks.

My sister is planning another Hen Party in August so I can take it to her then!

I have a nephew on John's side of the family that may get an H - Quilt too!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Finish -Well Almost

We had a few days of cool weather so I was able to finish the quilting. 
 I gave the floor air conditioner to the church yard sale last fall  as it didn't work too effectively. 
 I may be sorry as it has been so warm so early this year.

I quilted the small inner border on my DSM as I am not good on straight lines on the long arm.

This picture was taken by S and shows the colors much better.  
Of course I am still working on the binding.
The quilt finished at 77 by 93"
I am definitely getting rid of that bag of scraps and starting anew.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

One Off - One On

I finished quilting the last row of this quilt that I am now calling Thick and Thin.
The blocks are 71/2 inch square.  
The quit is fairly small but should make a nice lap quilt.

I just finished piecing this one now called Broken Dishes.  It is 76 by 92.
I went ahead and made the baking as soon as I finished the top so I had it all ready to go.
I think I will have to do the red inner border on the domestic machine when I finish it as I am just not confident to try and do straight borders yet.

Here it is after a couple of turns.  It's going pretty fast as I am using a circle design that I am familiar with.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Making Buns is Fun

 I spent most of one day and part of another finishing up this quilt top.  It ended up measuring 76 by 92 inches. Iplan to use the same red as the inner border for the binding.  

We have a very active women's group at our church and we enjoy doing things together.
Dee (foreground) graciously agreed to teach us to make cinnamon buns. 
 Six of us gathered Saturday morning at WUMC and made our dough and formed the rolls. 
She brought all the ingredients for us to share.
 We took them home to let them finish rising and bake.  
By 11AM we each had about 3 dozen rolls to take home.

These are my rolls - ready for the oven.  Can't wait to try them. Thanks Dee!