Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Making Buns is Fun

 I spent most of one day and part of another finishing up this quilt top.  It ended up measuring 76 by 92 inches. Iplan to use the same red as the inner border for the binding.  

We have a very active women's group at our church and we enjoy doing things together.
Dee (foreground) graciously agreed to teach us to make cinnamon buns. 
 Six of us gathered Saturday morning at WUMC and made our dough and formed the rolls. 
She brought all the ingredients for us to share.
 We took them home to let them finish rising and bake.  
By 11AM we each had about 3 dozen rolls to take home.

These are my rolls - ready for the oven.  Can't wait to try them. Thanks Dee!

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