Friday, May 26, 2017

Another H Quilt

Yesterday was a dreary day with periods of rain.
After my appointment with the dentist, I had a plan to come home and read.
However I felt I should straighten up my sewing room a little first.
This is what happened instead.

Last year when I gave my nephew Stephen an H-Quilt at our family reunion. 
 His wife sent me an email thanking me for the quilt and mentioned that their youngest daughter Zoe had claimed it as hers on the way home and had been playing on it and sleeping with it since.

She will be seven this year so I thought I would make one for her of her very own, just her size.
I love making these simple blocks.

My sister is planning another Hen Party in August so I can take it to her then!

I have a nephew on John's side of the family that may get an H - Quilt too!

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