Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lake Life - Evan

Molly and Evan were already out on the lake when I arrived Saturday morning.  They went up Friday.  Evan graduated from High School on January 23 so we wanted to have a party for him.  This was his only free weekend before he starts working at Camp Don Lee for the summer.  He will sign up and take his final tests for the Coast Guard in July or August.  His goal for the past 3 years has been to be in the Coast Guard. Go Evan!


 Molly is  really fast with the kayak.  Don't know long she could keep up that speed though.  Molly had her last day of classes at NC State Friday.  She'll be going to France to do research for a couple of months this summer.  Something to do with textile heart valves.  Mom and Dad will empty nesters this summer.
Evan gave all takers a ride down the cove.  We  had lots of fun with family and friends.  Lots to eat, fishing (Shane caught a bunch), games and boat rides. 
We missed Papa but I know he was smiling down on us.  His initial reason for having a place on the lake was for the enjoyment of the children and grandchildren.  Of course the fishing didn't hurt either.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Busy Day

Yesterday I sorted out what I had started on this when I first bought the pattern about 2 years ago.

First thing this morning, I got the background sewed together and some of the applique pieces on.
I also picked out some fabrics for the other 2 pieces in the pattern.

We have 2 events this weekend - Evan, our grandson, graduated from High School in January and we are having a party for him at the lake tomorrow. 

Sunday, is the last day at church for our intern and we are having a lunch for him and his wife after the 11AM service.  We all love Justin and Jessica.   Justin's visits meant a lot to John and Justin was a special part of John's Memorial service.  Justin will be a Chaplain at Wake Med in Raleigh.

So today I had lots of cooking to do.  I made Powdered Sugar Cookies, a Ham and a pineapple cake for Saturday and Oreo Cheesecake Bars, a Ham and a broccoli rice casserole for Sunday.   I also had bought some beef when shopping on Thursday so I made Vegetable Beef Soup.

I planted one of my planters this afternoon, trimmed up a few shrubs and planted a Camellia received at John's funeral.  I know I will sleep well tonight.
Pineapple Cake

Six servings for the freezer

And here is a picture of my version of the Heartstrings quilt.  We took the picture out on Sally's deck

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Safe Child Quilts - Heartstrings

I had made lots of these simple  6" blocks a couple of years ago.  I got them out, divided them and made these four quilt tops.   

Lots of cute kid prints.

This afternoon I made eight quilt backings from flannel.  I had to add a strip to the width of each piece of fabric as the flannel was only about 41 inches after cutting off the selvage.  I bought the flannel at a great price when Joann's was having a sale so I have no real complaints.

I also finished my Heartstrings top.   The pattern doesn't call for sashing but I needed to incorporate some black so that the border fabric I had bought would work.  I just took a corner picture from the sofa before packing it in my bag.  It is about  63 x 69 inches.  Now I have something new for show and tell at S's house tomorrow.  Looking forward to seeing how S and C are going to finish theirs.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Neat Plant


 I stopped by the nursery on my way home from the lake the other day.  I was just going to pick up a couple of herbs to put in the planter for the porch.  The gal who was waiting on me was very helpful.

It's called a Flap Jack Kalanchoe.  It was pretty pricey but I just had to have it.  I hope it likes it here too.  I need to get a few more filler plants before I fill the pots.

I finished  the applique on  all my blocks.

I have two rogue blocks.   Can't decide if I will use this one or 
                                                                                This one!
I can think about it while I find something to use for the inner border.  I have an outer border that I chose when I bought the background fabric.  The fabric of the red heart on the lower right was the original choice for the hearts and inner border.  This pattern is from a book called Heartstrings by Ginger Cookie Company.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trip to Hatteras Island - Engelhard, NC

We stopped for lunch, by chance, at the Big Trout Marina CafĂ©.  Great fried seafood - cooked to order by Hotdog.  I had a shrimp burger!

Located on the Pamlico Sound, boats were arriving with their catch.  Soft shell crabs I think.
You could sit at the picnic tables outside and enjoy the view.  Love the way the birds perch on the pilings.  Hard to see them but they are dotted around here and there.  It was pretty breezy and cool - so we ate inside with all the locals.  Fun.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mustard/Rapeseed/Canola ? Plant

On our way to Hatteras, somewhere in between Farmville and Englehard on Route 264 we passed these beautiful fields of yellow.  Not sure if it is mustard, rapeseed or canola plant but is sure caught our eye.
The Canola plant was developed Canada from the rapeseed plant.  It is part of the Brassia family ( think cabbage, kale etc.)  Since they surely didn't want to call this beneficial oil Rape Oil. They combined Canada and ola, which means oil for Canola.  It is grown primarily in the prairie regions of Canada and in the Pacific Northwest.  And, of course, they grow some in the southeast too.

These are my heart blocks.  The blue is really much more a country or greyed blue that it appears here.
Maybe I'll work on the stems and leaves tonight.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Viburnum "carlessi"

Birdhouse made by our friend Hay.  I wonder how many he has made over the years.  He has a gift for using "found" objects to decorate them.

John planted this Viburnum about eight years ago.  It wasn't where he wanted to plant it but he did so at my request.  I'm so glad he did as it smells so pretty when you open the side door. It's a little crowded (the reason he didn't want it there) but I love it anyway.  If only the blooms lasted a little longer.  I say that every year!
S, C and I decided about 18 months ago to make this quilt from a book called Heartstrings.  We each bought fabric at that time.  We brought the pattern and all to Hatteras to work on last week.  I only got as far as tracing the patterns on Heat and Bond, as did C.  S got hers ironed on to her background.
I worked on mine this evening and now have them ready to applique to the background. The picture is from the original quilt we saw.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break- New Projects

The Weeping Cherry out front is in full bloom regardless of the cool weather.  Hard to get a picture that shows how pink it is but at least the sky was blue today.

Em and I had lunch at Cracker Barrel in Wilson yesterday and they had the fireplace going.  It felt wonderful in there.

The tulips that a friend brought me for Easter are just about ready to drop their blooms but I sure enjoyed their wonderful red/orange and yellow cheeriness.


These little blocks are only 4 x 6" each.  I got the pattern from C last week. 

These 16 patches from shirt plaids are 6" each.  I have been cutting strips for each to have something to take to out beach sew in.  Can't wait!


        Thinking of going to the lake tomorrow - John's Birthday - Will have to see how I feel.