Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Viburnum "carlessi"

Birdhouse made by our friend Hay.  I wonder how many he has made over the years.  He has a gift for using "found" objects to decorate them.

John planted this Viburnum about eight years ago.  It wasn't where he wanted to plant it but he did so at my request.  I'm so glad he did as it smells so pretty when you open the side door. It's a little crowded (the reason he didn't want it there) but I love it anyway.  If only the blooms lasted a little longer.  I say that every year!
S, C and I decided about 18 months ago to make this quilt from a book called Heartstrings.  We each bought fabric at that time.  We brought the pattern and all to Hatteras to work on last week.  I only got as far as tracing the patterns on Heat and Bond, as did C.  S got hers ironed on to her background.
I worked on mine this evening and now have them ready to applique to the background. The picture is from the original quilt we saw.

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spope said...

I love that shrub. I have one and it really took off this year. I also hate that the blooms do not last esp in the house. Wonderful smell.
See you sat.