Friday, April 26, 2013

Busy Day

Yesterday I sorted out what I had started on this when I first bought the pattern about 2 years ago.

First thing this morning, I got the background sewed together and some of the applique pieces on.
I also picked out some fabrics for the other 2 pieces in the pattern.

We have 2 events this weekend - Evan, our grandson, graduated from High School in January and we are having a party for him at the lake tomorrow. 

Sunday, is the last day at church for our intern and we are having a lunch for him and his wife after the 11AM service.  We all love Justin and Jessica.   Justin's visits meant a lot to John and Justin was a special part of John's Memorial service.  Justin will be a Chaplain at Wake Med in Raleigh.

So today I had lots of cooking to do.  I made Powdered Sugar Cookies, a Ham and a pineapple cake for Saturday and Oreo Cheesecake Bars, a Ham and a broccoli rice casserole for Sunday.   I also had bought some beef when shopping on Thursday so I made Vegetable Beef Soup.

I planted one of my planters this afternoon, trimmed up a few shrubs and planted a Camellia received at John's funeral.  I know I will sleep well tonight.
Pineapple Cake

Six servings for the freezer

And here is a picture of my version of the Heartstrings quilt.  We took the picture out on Sally's deck

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