Thursday, May 31, 2012

Archive Quilt # 218 - Goose Around the Block

This is another lake quilt that I finished in 2006.  I made the top in 2004.  I loved using all the quirky, busy fabrics together.  I went back and found a picture of the top which shows the fabrics better.

It's a fairly small quilt (60 x 72").  We have it on the back of one of the sofas so it gets quite a bit of use.  I had planned to wash it that day but saw a place on the binding that needs to be re-sewn.

A little project for next time  - a porch sitter job!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Archive Quilt # 192 - Mystery Stars II

We have a vaulted ceiling on one side of the main room at the lake and this quilt hangs in the living room end.  It is 63 x 75".  It is a duplicate of the previous quilt that hung there.  It was made in blues, purples and black.  I gave it to our church (WUMW group) to be used as a fundraiser in 2002.  It now belongs to friends so I see it once in awhile at their house.

 It's hard to get a good picture as the porch shades the windows and the other windows are on the north side . 
I think the backing is an old Daisy kingdom print. - Wish I had more of it!

While at the lake this past week, I made 5 more blocks of this pattern. I posted about it here.  I think I have 17 blocks done,  I had hundreds of four patch units made but have to make the star point and dark four patch units as I go along. I hope to make this quilt a little larger than this one.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First Border

I sewed the star blocks together but forgot to take a picture of it.  These two pictures show the black/blue/green side of the top.

I have made borders for three sides so far but only have  this side sewn.  I had to take pictures from the floor as no space large enough for a wall picture.

John and I decided to get some strawberries for the freezer this afternoon.  We beat the rain storm by about 15 minutes.  It started to thunder as soon as we got to the field.  But we picked three buckets.
Then we stopped at Walmart to get a vacuum sealer.  After a hot dog at Sonic we came home in the downpour.  We have the berries in the freezer.

3 buckets of berries = $24.65
Vacuum sealer and bags = $61.77
7 bags of frozen strawberries = Priceless

Tomorrow the lake !

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last Seven Star Blocks

I sewed the last seven star blocks late this afternoon.  I made a tentative chart of how I may place them.  My design wall is too small so it looks like I will be using the floor. The dining room has better light but I don't see myself crawling around on the hardwood floor.


Jared's last Sunday at WUMC
I took this picture on the spur of the moment. Trip had just presented Jared a robe as a parting gift from the church.  Jared and his wife will be returning to Indiana after his graduation. We wish him well in his first appointment to a small church near Indiannapolis.  He has a great message for us this morning - Everyone needs to know Jesus.

Hope you have a nice week and can find a little time to sew.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

More Star Blocks

This morning I made the three rust/orange blocks and pressed the  other eight I made at Connie's. 
I have 4 more ready to sew - 2 purple, one bright blue, one dark gold.

I thought I would have time to finish the blocks today but I got distracted - shopping, a stop at the local farmers market (lots of fresh veggies to cook, heirloom tomato plants to plant, friends to visit with, etc.).  John invited Al for dinner as Shawnee is away this weekend.  We had a nice evening.

Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can sew.

  We are having a pot luck after church for our intern, Jarred.  It is his last Sunday at WUMC. Some church will be receiving a wonderful young pastor!  I found a recipe for a pizza casserole that I plan to take.  I'll have to get up early.

Sewing Star Blocks

Lake time sewing last week  - 13 more star blocks (using the blues and greens) from my spare parts box to add to the 5 I did previously.

I made 8 more blocks at Connie's house on Thursday afternoon.  Haven't pressed them yet.

  I plan on making a total of 36 blocks, having a quilt center of 72 x 72".  Then I'll add a border made from the remaining half square triangles.   
I guess it is now a home project as I don't have a design wall at the lake.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Jack of All Trades: Delivery Guy - Goose Herder - You name it!

We ordered a new kitchen table and chairs a few weeks ago. We've enjoyed our old Chromecraft set that we bought 22 years ago.  Chromecraft is an American Company located in Mississippi and uses real wood in it's products. So we went with another  Chromecraft set.  And of course we recycled the old set up to the lake.  The lake set went to the church's yard sale for Relay for Life!
New set being unloaded

Loading up the old set for the lake
John and his brother, Al made the trip to Raleigh this morning to pick up the new set.    Al is the family go to man when something needs to be moved.  His van is much roomier than our 4 Runner. (Times like this that John misses his truck)  Then it was up to the lake with the old set.
I know two old guys that will be glad to see their beds tonight!

We were up at the lake Tues. and Wed. We came home Thursday as it was our eldest daughter's 50th birthday and we wanted to celebrate it with her and her family.  We went out for dinner and one of our other daughters met us there.  Emily had dance rehearsal. Their recital is coming up in a couple of weeks she couldn't miss even for her Mama's birthday.  We all had a good time.

Oh and did I mention that John had a procedure at the Heart Center at WakeMed very early Monday morning.  Obviously it went very well  - his color was immediately better and except for a very sore throat from the camera he's doing great.   We even went to Table of Grace at WUMC Monday evening.  John's a trooper!
Where is he going in such a hurry?

Hiding behind the tree

This new family was headed straight for the neighbor's new grass!