Thursday, May 31, 2012

Archive Quilt # 218 - Goose Around the Block

This is another lake quilt that I finished in 2006.  I made the top in 2004.  I loved using all the quirky, busy fabrics together.  I went back and found a picture of the top which shows the fabrics better.

It's a fairly small quilt (60 x 72").  We have it on the back of one of the sofas so it gets quite a bit of use.  I had planned to wash it that day but saw a place on the binding that needs to be re-sewn.

A little project for next time  - a porch sitter job!


Connie said...

#218 - Holy Cow!
You make me CRAZY (like crazy jealous)with all your quilts - the next one is always better than the one before and and I love them all!

Lynn Dykstra said...

this is wonderful!