Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Enough Procrastination

Time to put away the scraps and stop the retail therapy (4 quilt shops in 4 days) for awhile.

I have had three large quilts laying on the bed in one of the spare bedrooms for quite awhile.

  Back in March or April I got ambitious and layered six or seven quilts.  I finished the smaller ones right away but then I got side tracked.  I have been shifting them back and forth from room to room when we need the bed in the larger bedroom.

  Part of my problem was an uncertainty as to how I would quilt them.  Part was just setting aside other sewing projects and making time for quilting.  When I start quilting, I don't usually do piecing. 

 I have just one machine at home now as I have been leaving my feather weight at the lake.

I finished this quilt In February here.
Indecision was the reason for not starting this quilt.  Someone had once told not to worry about what you were going to do on the whole quilt. Just start with what you know you want to do and the rest would work out.   I knew I would quilt plate sections like the Dresden plate quilt I finished  in February.  Then simple feathers to go around them. I'll worry about the borders when I get there.

At least it's a start -------Yeah!

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