Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chicken Catfish Bait

A recipe from one of my lake neighbors.

All you need is some chicken and Zesty Italian Dressing.  While cleaning the fridge, I found a package of chicken, which had been on sale, and was left in the freezer from last summer. Also the dressing was buy-one-get-one-free last week.

The chicken was a little freezer burnt but the fish won't mind.  I let it thaw some, cut it in chunks and let it finish thawing.

I found some old garlic so I chopped it up and added it as well.

Put it all in the jar and let it marinate.  I used mine the next day and I caught 4 catfish.  They were small so they got tossed back for another day.

When we got ready to come home I divided what was left into freezer bags and froze it for next time.  I figured it cost about $4.50 to make but John pays about $3.00 for a dozen worms and $2.50 for minnows. 
But the best thing to me is the chicken isn't moving when I put it on the hook! 

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Hugh Mouse said...

Great idea! Makes me want to eat catfish - but not chicken! LOL