Thursday, December 31, 2015

Barb's Barn Quilt 2 Quilted

I forgot to post this.  I started it right after Thanksgiving.

The backing

Maybe when I get the binding sewn on (I'll use the same blue as the inner border) I can get a picture of the whole quilt! As slow as I am with binding that will be some time from now - I actually don't know how many quilts that are waiting to be bound.
 I'm just glad to have the quilting done.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Quilting Time

I took a couple of hours on December 15th after Sit &Sew to load this quilt.  It is the biggest one I have put on this machine.  It is 96 by 96 so it takes up most of the width.  
When I was ready to attach the bottom of the quilt top I discovered that I had pinned the backing to the wrong take up roller.  How very annoying!!!!!

 Yesterday afternoon, after Sit & Sew and lunch at Agave (the usual thing we do),  I went straight home and redid the pinning so I could start quilting.
I managed to get four rows quilted too. 
I'm doing a free hand fan design so it goes along pretty good. 
Who knows maybe the quilting will get finished on this one by the end of 2015!


Undercover Bee Christmas 2015

Lots of great Christmas parties this year and our bee party,as usual, was one of the best.
We had a very nice turnout - lots of good food, fun and friends - very best things!
  And Sylvia's grand daughter was nice enough to come and take our photo too!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Cookie Business and Quilting

This Friday is our town's Christmas lighting celebration.  In addition our church is having their annual cookie walk and live nativity.  And the Woman's Club is having a fund raiser too. So I have 12 dozen pinwheel cookies for the cookie walk, trays, cake stands etc. to take to church.  Hot chocolate mix, tablecloths and a quilted Christmas wall hanging to take to the Woman's Club Building.
After I delivered these and had my hair cut I came home and made two batches of sand tart cookies.  While the dough was chilling  - I went down to the little house to work on the quilt I had loaded on Saturday afternoon.

I was having trouble with skipping stitches and thread fraying so I decided to leave it and see if I could determine what was going on.  I read up on it and today I did three things.  I loosened the the top thread tension, loosened the tension of the quilt top and also slowed down my speed.  I only had one thread break today.  I seem to have more problems with thread fraying when quilting batiks.

Started to bake the Sand Tarts about 5 PM.  I scorched the very first ones.

Thar's more like it!

8 PM - cookies in oven, only  two more trays to bake and 

a mess to clean up!

I can tidy up while the last two sheets are baking.

About 16 dozen cookies! I think I'll eat corn flakes for dinner!