Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Green Zebra?

My friend Ellen who grows Heirloom tomato plants said this is a Green Zebra and that it is ripe when it is green.  
My question:  How will I know it's ripe if it's green?  Ellen????

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Layering and Quilting

Straightening up in the sewing room this morning and uncovered some batting that my SIL had given me.  It looked about the right size for a baby quilt so ................ I ended up layering the three tops I made in April.  I was able to get one quilted and bound this afternoon.  It is 45 x 52".

The backing is flannel.  I bought quite a few pieces from Joann's a while back.  I forget that their flannel isn't as wide as others.  I ended up adding a strip to each backing.  Did the lazy way and just added it to the side.  Actually the way flannel stretches I figured it would be better to have just one extra seam than the two required if I had centered it.  I will wash it before I donate it to Quilts for Kids.

The phlox by the deck has just started to blossom and it smells so sweet.  I really like the white phlox but mine seems to be disappearing a little each year.  Maybe I should move some.
The Stargazers are just opening too.  Good thing they're not close to the phlox. They can be a little over powering.

I almost missed this one  - It is such a large blossom that it usually falls over.  I propped it up against the rose bush to get a picture of it's face.  The yellow area just about sparkles.
This is a close up of the nicotania.  They just volunteer year after year and you never know what color you'll get.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Vacation Bible School

Oh yes we are having VBS!  So much planning for this week. The Sunday School and the Fellowship Hall have been transformed into the Sea.  I know it will be a success. Even if you haven't registered you can still attend.  Starts at 6:15 each evening.

I used to love doing VBS when we held it in the mornings.  One of the most memorable was in 2001.
I was doing crafts that year.  We were making bird feeders and the pastor came in to help me with one of the larger classes.  She tripped over a chair leg coming in the room, fell over like a tree and ended up with a severely broken wrist.   I haven't volunteered to be in charge of crafts since.

I did manage to make a backing for my Spare Part Stars quilt today.  I pieced 3 zigzag strips and inserted them in the backing.  I had enough fabric without piecing it but  I like the interest a pieced back adds, a little extra surprise.

Finished Quilt Top

These pictures were taken at the bee meeting Saturday of the quilt top I finished last month.
Those oranges really stand out but I think if I use a tan thread when quilting it will calm down a little.
Time will tell.

 I think I will use the rest of the remaining half square triangle units on the quilt back.
 A good project for this morning if I have time.
 More appointments for John this afternoon and we have some errands  in Raleigh too.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Two Quilts Finished - Almost.............

The pictures leave a lot to be desired but I will try again after I sew the binding down.  It was really too sunny today and much too hot to mess around outside for very long.

I finished the Dresden Plate last week before we went to the lake but I didn't take it with me as we had lots of other stuff to tote in. I always drag my feet when it comes to the binding. 

I finished quilting the borders this morning and sewed the binding on.  So now  will I start quilting  the other large quilt.  Probably not.  I think I need to buy some more thread.  Since I started using Aurifil thread I really am not as crazy about the other brands.  I have plenty of thread but --------.
Going to the Sewing Expo in Raleigh tomorrow so perhaps I'll find some there. 

Love these pink day lilies.

Hard to get a good picture of these lilies as their habit is to dip their heads.

I don't have many of these Canna at home but a few years ago I planted some down at church near the back steps.  They just love their home there and really light up that corner.   I noticed them Monday while at Table of Grace. 
 I have Food Pantry duty in the morning so I need to get there a little early and  get a picture.  What a color burst  - the purple stems and buds and the vivid orange of the blossom!

Our weather has started really heating up and we could use some rain.  The white crepe myrtles are starting to blossom.  I love that they last all summer.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Progress Report

I finished the quilting on this quilt and have the binding sewn on.  May take it to the lake to finish the hand work.

I started this one on Sunday afternoon.  It is going pretty fast.  I will be glad to get the center done as I find it boring to do an allover pattern.  It's not at all what I had planned to do but I had to go with something I could manage on my machine.

I went with an open flower type pattern and white aurifil thread that blends in pretty well with the blacks and whites.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chicken Catfish Bait

A recipe from one of my lake neighbors.

All you need is some chicken and Zesty Italian Dressing.  While cleaning the fridge, I found a package of chicken, which had been on sale, and was left in the freezer from last summer. Also the dressing was buy-one-get-one-free last week.

The chicken was a little freezer burnt but the fish won't mind.  I let it thaw some, cut it in chunks and let it finish thawing.

I found some old garlic so I chopped it up and added it as well.

Put it all in the jar and let it marinate.  I used mine the next day and I caught 4 catfish.  They were small so they got tossed back for another day.

When we got ready to come home I divided what was left into freezer bags and froze it for next time.  I figured it cost about $4.50 to make but John pays about $3.00 for a dozen worms and $2.50 for minnows. 
But the best thing to me is the chicken isn't moving when I put it on the hook! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What Spider Makes This?????

Our last two visits at the lake we have been greeted with these strange looking spider webs on our front steps and deck.  I don't ever remember noticing any like these before.
And part of my routine is to sweep the spiderwebs away on this porch.

Made me think of peering down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.
They are very dense and so unique.
I almost hated to sweep them away - I said almost!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Enough Procrastination

Time to put away the scraps and stop the retail therapy (4 quilt shops in 4 days) for awhile.

I have had three large quilts laying on the bed in one of the spare bedrooms for quite awhile.

  Back in March or April I got ambitious and layered six or seven quilts.  I finished the smaller ones right away but then I got side tracked.  I have been shifting them back and forth from room to room when we need the bed in the larger bedroom.

  Part of my problem was an uncertainty as to how I would quilt them.  Part was just setting aside other sewing projects and making time for quilting.  When I start quilting, I don't usually do piecing. 

 I have just one machine at home now as I have been leaving my feather weight at the lake.

I finished this quilt In February here.
Indecision was the reason for not starting this quilt.  Someone had once told not to worry about what you were going to do on the whole quilt. Just start with what you know you want to do and the rest would work out.   I knew I would quilt plate sections like the Dresden plate quilt I finished  in February.  Then simple feathers to go around them. I'll worry about the borders when I get there.

At least it's a start -------Yeah!