Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mystery Quilt backing and Binding

I added the missing row to my mystery quilt and after many changes made a backing for it. 
 I used a set of batik blocks that I won at Capital Quilters Guid several years ago.  
They were pretty but the blocks varied quite a bit in size.  
I think the colors complement the top so it was a good way to use them up.

And I also sewed the binding down on this quilt that I quilted awhile back.

I have already put it on the bed.  It doesn't look as patriotic as I thought it would.

  1. Took this picture in the evening and I did sew a label on it too!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Another Quilt Top Finished?

I made backing and bindings for the H Quilt

And for the donation baby quilt.

Then with a little more free time to spare I decided to sew the final blocks of the BH mystery quilt together.  I laid it out on the carpet for a quick picture, folded it up with the intention of making a backing the next morning.

I found 2 or 3 fabrics that would work for the backing and while I was looking for binding fabric ..... I found this, which had slipped off the edge of the machine.  I hadn't even realized I was missing a row in the picture above.  
Oh how I hate to think about unsewing  that long seam with all those intersections. Rats!!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rainy Day Sewing

Love these rainy days!
It has been so hot for this early in the year that we can really use some rain.

I bought fabric for a couple of donation quilts at Ladybug Cottage a couple go weeks ago.

This is a very simple quilt idea that I saw on an episode of the Quilt Show.
 Just a center panel of fabric (24 X 30), followed by a 3"border, then bordered by
 flying geese which are 3 x 6"each.

The finished size is 42 by 48"

I will cut out the other one today. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Another H Quilt

Yesterday was a dreary day with periods of rain.
After my appointment with the dentist, I had a plan to come home and read.
However I felt I should straighten up my sewing room a little first.
This is what happened instead.

Last year when I gave my nephew Stephen an H-Quilt at our family reunion. 
 His wife sent me an email thanking me for the quilt and mentioned that their youngest daughter Zoe had claimed it as hers on the way home and had been playing on it and sleeping with it since.

She will be seven this year so I thought I would make one for her of her very own, just her size.
I love making these simple blocks.

My sister is planning another Hen Party in August so I can take it to her then!

I have a nephew on John's side of the family that may get an H - Quilt too!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Finish -Well Almost

We had a few days of cool weather so I was able to finish the quilting. 
 I gave the floor air conditioner to the church yard sale last fall  as it didn't work too effectively. 
 I may be sorry as it has been so warm so early this year.

I quilted the small inner border on my DSM as I am not good on straight lines on the long arm.

This picture was taken by S and shows the colors much better.  
Of course I am still working on the binding.
The quilt finished at 77 by 93"
I am definitely getting rid of that bag of scraps and starting anew.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

One Off - One On

I finished quilting the last row of this quilt that I am now calling Thick and Thin.
The blocks are 71/2 inch square.  
The quit is fairly small but should make a nice lap quilt.

I just finished piecing this one now called Broken Dishes.  It is 76 by 92.
I went ahead and made the baking as soon as I finished the top so I had it all ready to go.
I think I will have to do the red inner border on the domestic machine when I finish it as I am just not confident to try and do straight borders yet.

Here it is after a couple of turns.  It's going pretty fast as I am using a circle design that I am familiar with.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Making Buns is Fun

 I spent most of one day and part of another finishing up this quilt top.  It ended up measuring 76 by 92 inches. Iplan to use the same red as the inner border for the binding.  

We have a very active women's group at our church and we enjoy doing things together.
Dee (foreground) graciously agreed to teach us to make cinnamon buns. 
 Six of us gathered Saturday morning at WUMC and made our dough and formed the rolls. 
She brought all the ingredients for us to share.
 We took them home to let them finish rising and bake.  
By 11AM we each had about 3 dozen rolls to take home.

These are my rolls - ready for the oven.  Can't wait to try them. Thanks Dee!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Back to the Scrappy Circles

So this was the plan last month  - 48 x 64 interior and borders.

Now it is going to be 20 blocks - 64 x 80 interior and borders.  It looks a bit of a hot mess right now.
It was so gray outside and even with a flash it looks like a grey background.
Today was Table of Grace.  We shopped in the down pours  but it was fun cooking weather when we got back to church.  We made roast pork loin with an orange cranberry glaze, stewed potatoes, green beans, corn pudding and a cherry pineapple dump cake for dessert for those who braved the rain to join us.

Saturday afternoon I spotted these peony blooms from my kitchen window.  This is a plant I have had for several years but it never seems to produce more than 2 or 3 flowers.  But they are striking!

The Siberian Iris are near their peak.

This is a single yellow knockout rose. They are just starting and by next week will be covered in their first bloom of the season.

I brought the peonies in so I could enjoy them before the rain took them.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bread Ministry and Bee

The delivery bags are ready.

We package them in plastic bags after they have cooled.

Friday we made 36 loaves of oatmeal bread that will be delivered to newcomers. 
We have 250 names on our list this quarter so we will be doing lots more loaves.

The kitchen is cleaned up and ready for Table of Grace group Monday.

At Bee on Saturday we began work on a quilt that we will donate to the church bazaar held in October.  We brought our machines and each made a block.

This is the layout that we will use. I really like it and the block is very easy to sew.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Quilting started on Easy Strippy Quilt

On a nice afternoon last week  - I went out to the little house  - to check on things and I ended up  loading this quilt and getting it started.
 It's a fairly small quilt so it shouldn't take too long to finish.

It is a very simple wavy line pattern and even at that I feel like I need to do lots more practice before I start another one.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Another Quilt

A block from 100 quilt blocks magazine.   S and I each started making it back in February I think.
I need to get back to work on it.  

Lots and lots of strip piecing in each block.  But they are 18 inch blocks.  

Gonza's has been one of our favorite eateries this past year.  Kathy and I like this greeter!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Finished Quilt

I think I quilted this last year sometime.

It is an Edita Sitar pattern.  It is mostly batiks. I finished it just in time for a 50th birthday gift for John's brother's daughter Chrissy.

 Yesterday was the anniversary of John's birthday!  We miss being able to celebrate his day with him.
This is a picture my daughter gave me recently - Out in his workshop reading a book to Emily in 1999.  

Thanks to Mario the yard is all cleaned up for spring
 This would make John smile as he loved being outside when the weather was good especially after the lawn had just been mowed.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Switching it Up

I did manage to get one row sewn together before I got distracted again. And I do have all but four blocks partially sewn together. Well it is pretty hard to stay at it when I have seen so many versions of the quilt on the web and even a couple in the flesh (or cloth) I  should say. 
So a break was needed cleaning - shopping - the weekend - Table of Grace on Monday.  

We made Chicken Spaghetti and everyone really enjoyed it.  I used elements of the Pioneer Woman recipe and the chicken tetrazzini recipe our UMW use for our casserole sale.

We have a wonderful group of helpers.  One couple treats us to lunch from a local pizza place and another of our newer helpers brings a fabulous dessert.  Many hands makes light work and we have time to relax and enjoy each others company when our meal is in the ovens.  I was at the beach last month so it was good to catch up with friends.

Tuesday after TOG is rest and relax day. 
 I pulled out this project that had been tucked away before Thanksgiving.
To be truthful - I came across it when I was looking for something else.

I made a few more of the quarter circle segments.  I think I have enough for 12 blocks.
They will be 16 inch blocks - so that would make a 48 x 64 inch center.  

I visited a new (to me) quilt shop in Greenville with a friend last week. 

I found a blue floral that I liked in a color similar to a couple of small  pieces I had at home.
The border here is a leftover from a backing and that's all I have of it.

I have ordered another similar fabric online but my plan is to use various florals in the blue background.  
It is a scrap quilt after all.
Tomorrow is sewing  fun with C&S .

The weather has been so warm here that most of our winter has resembled early spring weather.
The lawn guy mowed this week.  And I'm the queue to get the yard cleaned up and new pine straw 

Monday, March 20, 2017

More Mystery

I made a few more mystery blocks Thursday when my friends C & S came for a sew day.  
Late Sunday afternoon I sewed a few of the sashing units and wanted to see how they related to the block.
I decided then and there to put my quilt together in sashed and bordered blocks.  That way I wouldn't 
have to deal with long skinny sashing strips.  I do this a lot when I have this type of pattern.

I make a copy  of my printed pattern and mark off my area into segments and label them.  Then I label each segment as I finish it.  This saves so much time when sewing the segments together.

Here I have sewn on the first of the outer border on this segment (B1-R1).

Now I have the First Block in the First Row all complete with all the borders added. 
It's 27" square - only 15 more blocks to go. But when I sew them together my quilt top will be finished - no borders to sew around a large quilt.

What in the world is this?
I bought it at Target Friday for $4.99.
A silicone Iron Mat.
The price is great - saw one somewhere in a quilting catalogue for much, much  more
I pinned it to the end of my ironing board so that when I was ironing something big  - fabric or quilt top - I could flip it off the ironing board and still be able to find it when I needed it again.

My Oliso  Iron got some kind of intestinal problem and spit up all over a quilt block I was pressing. 
I didn't bother sending it to the hospital....................
So this is the stand in - so used to not standing the iron  - glad I happened to see the silicone mat.  
Have to think if I want to invest in another high dollar iron.


I should have said cogitate instead of think.
as I just finished reading "Maud's Line" by Margaret Verble set in Eastern Oklahoma in 1928.