Friday, August 11, 2017

Labeling Quilts and Gifting Them

In between other things - I have been labeling the quilts that I will take to New York & Conn.
This one is for a nephew who turned 50 this year.  It has a flannel back. 
 I made it in 2013 and it is one the first I quilted on the long arm.

This will go to his brother who celebrated his 45th birthday this year - made it in 2014.
Liberated Stars - A pattern that is fun and easy to make.

I even put a label on one I finished recently - Just had a few inches of binding and then the label.

Ready to be bagged and packed in the car.  The pink one for my sister in law and her husband Howard (John's brother).  It is the Roll, Roll Cotton Boll.  
At the top of the stack is Zoe's H Quilt.
Hurrah 4 more quilts to new owners.  It always gives me pleasure to give my quilts.
Then I have excuses to make more.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

July 2017........Weeks 3-4

I was fortunate to spend time in Antwerp with Shane, Vince and Shelly.  As well as Vince's Mom, Mia. 
 We had a wonderful time enjoying all the local sights in the older section of the city.  Our apartment was in the older section of the city above a men's shop and a perfumery.
In the background is a backside view of the beautiful Our Lady Cathedral.

Bakeries and chocolate shops!!!!

Delicious Waffles everywhere.

 Spied this in a shop on our way to a restaurant on evening.

Our Lady Cathedral - the inside is so incredible.  So much to see, alters, statuary, paintings etc.
Antwerp is the home of Reubens and the cathedral has four to enjoy.
I would love to see it all again.

The view upon entering.

Shelly and I took the train to spend a couple of days in Brugge. 
This is the main square there.

This is a view of the canal right next to our hotel. 
The gentleman who lives here was out faithfully tending his garden when we first arrived.

Another canal.

At the Basilica of the Sacred Blood in Brugge.

Final evening spent with Mia before we headed home.

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Hen Party !998

Here we are back in 1998 - at Barb's house. 
(And this is not the funny picture) 
Who knows what we were thinking.
I believe we started out with a birthday party theme as all my sisters and brother have birthdays in July and Barb's is in August. 
 I just remember - Janet bringing gifts for each of us.  Books, Stationary etc. 

Barb made a spaghetti supper like our Mom always made for us when we came to her house. Without fail it was spaghetti and meatballs or a pork roast that she cooked in a pressure cooker.

We played cards, toured the local antique shops, played cards, did a porch tour, played cards,
relaxed and did I mention we played cards.  We used to be fanatics about playing cards. The guys would go to bed and we'd stay up and play cards till the wee hours.
Such simple fun - we loved it.

It's just around the corner - Can't wait till the fun begins this year. 

July 2017.....Week Two

Hamilton Missouri - Home of the Missouri Star Quilt Company.
Thirteen friends took a trip to Missouri for a 3 day retreat.  
We had a wonderful time - sewing, shopping; scavenger hunt, shopping; laughing, shopping; eating, shopping ----you get the idea.

Jenny and Ron with our group
 It was their Christmas in July Retreat so they brought each of us a small gift.
 And Jenny did her trunk show one evening.

Our hostesses did demos and entertained us with little skits a few times each day. 
Our meals were catered by some of the local citizens and for the most very tasty.
We had very nice Baby Lock Machines to use but I got very little sewing done.

 This is the quilt that was on the wall in my room.

At the end of the retreat we were invited to put all our purchases in bags and they shipped them home for us. 
 Lots of fun and something I would definitely do again.

Friday, August 4, 2017

July 2017... Week One

The Class of 1957 - South New Berlin, NY
I traveled to New York State to share the 60th High School Reunion of these fine friends. 

(I think it wonderful that they get together every year and have such  a close bond with one another.)
 My family moved after our Freshman year.  I graduated from another high school but they kindly invite me to their celebrations.
  We shared a fun boat ride on Otsego Lake and a wonderful meal at The Otesaga Resort in Cooperstown, NY.

My younger sister, Barb,  and I drove out to Hornell to see our older sister Janet.
She is recovering from a medical set back.  However she is making  some progress.

While at Barb's we were entertained by my great nephew and her grandson Ethan.
He played cards with us and here he is serenading me with "Getting to Know You" from the King and I.  He's a ton of fun and you can't help but smile when he's around.

My family, helped  me celebrate my birthday when I got back home.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Crossed Canoes

This is the crossed canoes quilt that I have on the machine right now.

I started the border but wasn't sure How I was going to proceed from there.  I'll have plenty of time to think about it before I have time to get back to quilting.

Going to take some time off for some vacation and it is just too hot to quilt right now.
 I'm going to look into having an A/C Unit installed.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bindings and Church Doings

Well  - I sewed them all by machine but they are all done! How else could I get all four done in one day

Making bread at church.

Another 36 loaves ready to deliver.  We are usually done baking by 11AM and then they cool for a bit before they package them for delivery.

Our VBS starts this week .  It's call Fixer - Upper.

I just love the mural that P ,who heads up our Bread Ministry, made for them. 
 She used aluminum foil to make the metal parts of the tools.  Very Clever is she!!!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Another H Quilt and a Patriotic Quilt Quilted.

I just love this block.  So easy to make and fun to use all those quirky prints that you just can't help but buy.

I know Zoe is going to love it!

And here is a patriotic donation quilt that I finally quilted also.
Thanks to Mother Nature for a few cooler days to make the quilt cave bearable.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Donation Baby Quilt

 This was such a fun little quilt to make!

It was quilted in just an afternoon! 
I have the binding made from the inner border fabric ready to put on it.

Saw this on the net the other day.  And since I enjoyed Downton Abby..........

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mystery Quilt backing and Binding

I added the missing row to my mystery quilt and after many changes made a backing for it. 
 I used a set of batik blocks that I won at Capital Quilters Guid several years ago.  
They were pretty but the blocks varied quite a bit in size.  
I think the colors complement the top so it was a good way to use them up.

And I also sewed the binding down on this quilt that I quilted awhile back.

I have already put it on the bed.  It doesn't look as patriotic as I thought it would.

  1. Took this picture in the evening and I did sew a label on it too!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Another Quilt Top Finished?

I made backing and bindings for the H Quilt

And for the donation baby quilt.

Then with a little more free time to spare I decided to sew the final blocks of the BH mystery quilt together.  I laid it out on the carpet for a quick picture, folded it up with the intention of making a backing the next morning.

I found 2 or 3 fabrics that would work for the backing and while I was looking for binding fabric ..... I found this, which had slipped off the edge of the machine.  I hadn't even realized I was missing a row in the picture above.  
Oh how I hate to think about unsewing  that long seam with all those intersections. Rats!!!!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rainy Day Sewing

Love these rainy days!
It has been so hot for this early in the year that we can really use some rain.

I bought fabric for a couple of donation quilts at Ladybug Cottage a couple go weeks ago.

This is a very simple quilt idea that I saw on an episode of the Quilt Show.
 Just a center panel of fabric (24 X 30), followed by a 3"border, then bordered by
 flying geese which are 3 x 6"each.

The finished size is 42 by 48"

I will cut out the other one today. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Another H Quilt

Yesterday was a dreary day with periods of rain.
After my appointment with the dentist, I had a plan to come home and read.
However I felt I should straighten up my sewing room a little first.
This is what happened instead.

Last year when I gave my nephew Stephen an H-Quilt at our family reunion. 
 His wife sent me an email thanking me for the quilt and mentioned that their youngest daughter Zoe had claimed it as hers on the way home and had been playing on it and sleeping with it since.

She will be seven this year so I thought I would make one for her of her very own, just her size.
I love making these simple blocks.

My sister is planning another Hen Party in August so I can take it to her then!

I have a nephew on John's side of the family that may get an H - Quilt too!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Finish -Well Almost

We had a few days of cool weather so I was able to finish the quilting. 
 I gave the floor air conditioner to the church yard sale last fall  as it didn't work too effectively. 
 I may be sorry as it has been so warm so early this year.

I quilted the small inner border on my DSM as I am not good on straight lines on the long arm.

This picture was taken by S and shows the colors much better.  
Of course I am still working on the binding.
The quilt finished at 77 by 93"
I am definitely getting rid of that bag of scraps and starting anew.