Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Layering and Quilting

Straightening up in the sewing room this morning and uncovered some batting that my SIL had given me.  It looked about the right size for a baby quilt so ................ I ended up layering the three tops I made in April.  I was able to get one quilted and bound this afternoon.  It is 45 x 52".

The backing is flannel.  I bought quite a few pieces from Joann's a while back.  I forget that their flannel isn't as wide as others.  I ended up adding a strip to each backing.  Did the lazy way and just added it to the side.  Actually the way flannel stretches I figured it would be better to have just one extra seam than the two required if I had centered it.  I will wash it before I donate it to Quilts for Kids.

The phlox by the deck has just started to blossom and it smells so sweet.  I really like the white phlox but mine seems to be disappearing a little each year.  Maybe I should move some.
The Stargazers are just opening too.  Good thing they're not close to the phlox. They can be a little over powering.

I almost missed this one  - It is such a large blossom that it usually falls over.  I propped it up against the rose bush to get a picture of it's face.  The yellow area just about sparkles.
This is a close up of the nicotania.  They just volunteer year after year and you never know what color you'll get.

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