Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Archive Quilt # 192 - Mystery Stars II

We have a vaulted ceiling on one side of the main room at the lake and this quilt hangs in the living room end.  It is 63 x 75".  It is a duplicate of the previous quilt that hung there.  It was made in blues, purples and black.  I gave it to our church (WUMW group) to be used as a fundraiser in 2002.  It now belongs to friends so I see it once in awhile at their house.

 It's hard to get a good picture as the porch shades the windows and the other windows are on the north side . 
I think the backing is an old Daisy kingdom print. - Wish I had more of it!

While at the lake this past week, I made 5 more blocks of this pattern. I posted about it here.  I think I have 17 blocks done,  I had hundreds of four patch units made but have to make the star point and dark four patch units as I go along. I hope to make this quilt a little larger than this one.

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