Saturday, May 5, 2012

More Star Blocks

This morning I made the three rust/orange blocks and pressed the  other eight I made at Connie's. 
I have 4 more ready to sew - 2 purple, one bright blue, one dark gold.

I thought I would have time to finish the blocks today but I got distracted - shopping, a stop at the local farmers market (lots of fresh veggies to cook, heirloom tomato plants to plant, friends to visit with, etc.).  John invited Al for dinner as Shawnee is away this weekend.  We had a nice evening.

Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can sew.

  We are having a pot luck after church for our intern, Jarred.  It is his last Sunday at WUMC. Some church will be receiving a wonderful young pastor!  I found a recipe for a pizza casserole that I plan to take.  I'll have to get up early.

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