Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First Border

I sewed the star blocks together but forgot to take a picture of it.  These two pictures show the black/blue/green side of the top.

I have made borders for three sides so far but only have  this side sewn.  I had to take pictures from the floor as no space large enough for a wall picture.

John and I decided to get some strawberries for the freezer this afternoon.  We beat the rain storm by about 15 minutes.  It started to thunder as soon as we got to the field.  But we picked three buckets.
Then we stopped at Walmart to get a vacuum sealer.  After a hot dog at Sonic we came home in the downpour.  We have the berries in the freezer.

3 buckets of berries = $24.65
Vacuum sealer and bags = $61.77
7 bags of frozen strawberries = Priceless

Tomorrow the lake !

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