Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mustard/Rapeseed/Canola ? Plant

On our way to Hatteras, somewhere in between Farmville and Englehard on Route 264 we passed these beautiful fields of yellow.  Not sure if it is mustard, rapeseed or canola plant but is sure caught our eye.
The Canola plant was developed Canada from the rapeseed plant.  It is part of the Brassia family ( think cabbage, kale etc.)  Since they surely didn't want to call this beneficial oil Rape Oil. They combined Canada and ola, which means oil for Canola.  It is grown primarily in the prairie regions of Canada and in the Pacific Northwest.  And, of course, they grow some in the southeast too.

These are my heart blocks.  The blue is really much more a country or greyed blue that it appears here.
Maybe I'll work on the stems and leaves tonight.

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