Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beach Towel Tote Tutorial

Materials Needed:
1/2 yard fabric
2 yards cording
1 Beach Towel
Cut fabric into 2 - 18 by 21" pieces

To make casings in top of tote, press four top side edges in 1/8" for 2 1/2" down and stitch these edges.  Then press top edges down 1/4" and then press down 1 inch.  Stitch close to edge.

If desired, pockets can be added at this point.  Otherwise, pin front and back together with WRONG sides facing.  Stitch sides and bottom, starting and ending stitching just below casing with 1/4" seam.
Trim seams to 1/8".  Turn wrong side out and press well.

Pin tote to towel with casing at top edge.  Stitch, beginning and ending just below casing.  Back stitch at beginning and ending.

Stitch again 1/4" from first stitching.
Turn tote right side out, with towel rolled inside.  Cut cording in half.  Tie knot in one end.  Thread one piece from one side around and out the same side.  Knot other end of cord, then tie ends in square knot.  Do the same with the other cord, starting and ending at other side of tote.  Pull ends to close.
Great gift for anyone who goes to the pool or beach.

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