Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pre-Vacation Sewing Fix

Just can't seem to put this in a box for winter sewing.  

  Last week I had some time to practice on the Crown Jewel that I recently purchased.  I felt comfortable enough after a few days to quilt these little donation quilts in a very simple meander.  I did four but only have the bindings on two.

The sun and the floor don't make for the best pictures but then that is not my forte anyway.

Marcia and Jim came up to the lake Sunday. It was hot but they did get the little boat uncovered and took it out for a little ride. We left late in the evening as they had work and I had Table of Grace Monday.
Looking forward to a little beach time at Edisto with Tracey, Paul and Molly.  I'll be on my way back about the time this posts.

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