Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Project

Late Sunday afternoon I decided I wanted to make a throw quilt for our intern, Russ.  His last Sunday is April 27.  We have been focusing on the Sermon on the Mount during Lent.  This pattern makes me think of the narrow path or way in Matthew 7 v.14. 
 The blocks are easy to make. I made more this afternoon and have cut more to sew in the  morning.
 I really wasn't planning on a border but I found this great fabric while sorting through some fabric. We'll see. 

Happy Birthday John

Yesterday would have been John's 80th birthday!  This camellia, just outside my kitchen window, is generally in bloom by his birthday.  Even though we had a late spring  it was right on time again this year.  The top really needed to be trimmed off but I wanted to wait until after it blossomed,  As soon as the blooms fade it will get a trim.  

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