Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Llama/Alpaca Farm in August

They are just so cute and each face is different.  Actually only one was a llama.

Shelly fed them well and took about 300 pictures.  Just before we were getting ready to take her back to the airport she went out to bid them farewell. 
 She called me over and said she thought something was wrong with one of the little ones.  "It just won't get up and has flies buzzing all around it's head."
All kinds of thoughts went through my head, I even wondered if she had fed them too much and who in the world should I call to look after it.  
But then after a closer look it dawned on me - it was a newborn - and sure enough after a few more minutes it did get up - a little wobbly but good. Three cheers!
I hadn't noticed until then that alpacas don't lay like cows but lay flat on the grass with their feet extended. That had me a little worried when we were looking at the little one.  They had all been on their feet at the fence when we held out feed for them.

The weather couldn't have been any nicer - very warm but I'll take that any day.

 Shane enjoyed the archery range out back.

Loved the blue skies and the quiet.

The house was eclectically furnished  - fun conversation starters.
  My favorite thing was at night there were no outdoor lights,  Each evening I would pull up the blinds and watch the stars no need for any other entertainment.

I see that Oxford has snow predictions for today and tomorrow
Glad I'm  back in NC where we are in the 70's.

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spope said...

Glad you are back on blog. Where was the LLama/Alpaca farm. They are cute but the LLamas spit.
Like your curvy blocks too.