Thursday, November 24, 2016

Quilting Again - Spice Pantry

This top had been hanging on my quilting tree for so long  - I can't remember when I made it.  What inspired me to get it out and quilt it was seeing a copy of the pattern in a book I brought home from the library.

I quilted the rows using red thread in the red rows and neutral in the light rows.

I used a silver grey thread on the back which blended in very well.  I did have a tension problem in a small section.  I removed it and requilted the section on my DSM.  
The backing fabric was given to me by a friend from her mom's stash.  I don't usually buy gilded fabrics but I really like this one.

I used a lighter red for the binding and as I finished it all by machine it is ready for the giving pile.a
Always makes me happy to finish something.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!
  The turkey is in the oven and the family will be here later with all the accompaniments. 
Perhaps some quilting will get done here this weekend as I doubt that I will venture out to the malls.

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spope said...

was the row between 9 patches flying geese or half square triangles?
Love the quilting.
See you soon