Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter- A Time of Renewal

In spite of all the below normal temperatures we have been having, this pink Camellia blossomed earlier than it usually does.  In time to take some to decorate the wire cross we have outside our sanctuary for Easter morning.

Part of a quilt top I finished at our Bee meeting on Saturday.  Started it over a year ago. S calls it Pinkie.


Last week I'd been cutting batik strips to trade with S & C.  I refolded them and now they don't fit in the storage boxes I had them in.  They are resting here until I find them a new home.   I've cut over 200 and I thought I had cut all I had.

While cleaning up the sewing room Thursday evening,   I found another box.  Yikes!

Today was a beautiful Spring day and  it was good to be outside without a jacket.  The lawn was looking pretty shaggy.  I got brave and went out to the garage.   I haven't driven the lawn tractor since we lived in New London in 1995.  I read the manual to see if I could remember how to even start it.  Well, it was kind of like riding a bicycle.  I very gingerly backed it out and after a couple of times back and forth out back I laughed at what a wuss I am. 
But and that is a BIG but, I have no idea where to put the diesel fuel in it when it gets empty.  John must have been looking down and laughing too.
Happy Easter!


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