Friday, May 24, 2013

Quilty Days

 Yesterday was sewing day at my house.  We had a lot of fun, and a wet garden tour(showers every day this week).  This was my show and tell from a pattern in a Kim Diehl book called "Simple Charm".  It is 45 x 54" and needs to have borders added.  I had all the nine patches and red squares already so I only had to cut the neutral rectangles and start sewing..  

My work in progress is my shirt plaids 16 patch.  I finished sewing the 120 6" blocks and have been sewing them into four patch 12" blocks as I went along.  I sewed one row together early this morning.
This quilt will make a nice memory gift for one of the male family members as I added quite a few plaids from John's shirts too.
I finished planting the side porch pots.  I love the tall brown pot that M gave me for Mother's Day!
Today S, C and I are going to the NC Quilt Symposium in Fayetteville and Saturday is our Undercover Bee in the morning.
Then Memorial Day Party/Cookout  at the lake with the other families on the road.  Have to get back Sunday as we are serving our monthly Table of Grace meal on Monday evening.
Happy Memorial Day!

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