Thursday, September 25, 2014

Back to the Sewing Machine - Fall Sewing

While discarding some books, magazines and catalogs at the lake last week, I found a page that I had torn out of a quilting supply catalog with a picture of a quilt kit that I had intended to order.  It was from 2012  (Good Luck with that Pilgrim!)  
I really loved that quilt -  I still have the picture - so I can make up my own kit.  

Step 1 - Get out all the batik fabric
Step 2 - Go to quilt shops and buy more batiks

Step 3 - Start cutting and auditioning fabrics

Day two of sewing  - I like these blocks!  They are 15" square.  
The catalog picture showed a 
45 x 60" quilt.  Only 8 more blocks.
There is an old block similar to this called Goose in the Pond - the outer configuration of the HST's is different.   
I'm not overly fond of geese so will not be calling this "Goose"-anything.

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