Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Blocks and A Coincidence

I made an extra block just in case the yellow one bothers me too much.  Now that I have them all on the wall I feel that I should make a few more blocks and enlarge the quilt to 60 by 75". That would only take 7 more blocks. Sew on.

My sister sent me this picture of her barn and mentioned that the block in my quilt was almost the same as her barn quilt.  I remember she asked me if I knew the name of the block last summer when she first got it.  There is a lady in her area that paints and installs barn quilts.  My sister's is 4' x 4'.  The lady would like to put one of her larger ones (8' x 8') on their large barn since my sister lives on a well traveled road.  My sister wants the front of her barn painted first.

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