Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Finished Top and A Sunrise

I laid out all the blocks on the floor in the late evening and arranged them as best I could so that I could have them ready to sew before I went up to the lake.  

Here is the top sewn together.  Not sure if it will have a border yet.
On the way to the lake, I stopped at the quilt shop in Warrenton and I found a batik that I may use as a border for it.  Will try it out later in the week and get opinion from other eyes too.

Got up early to see Tracey and Paul off to Portsmouth to pick up Evan.  He has been out on patrol with the Coast Guard these past few months.
We were treated to a beautiful sunrise.

Table of Grace report:  The men grilled 60 chickens and made 3 pans of baked beans.  We made slaw and desserts.  We served about 90 people and were able to send out lots of take home plates with what was leftover. We had lots of help and volunteers to clean up and set the fellowship hall back for early worship Sunday.  

I think I drank the tea that wasn't decaf as I was awake most of the night. Think I'll just drink lemonade or water next month.

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