Friday, October 10, 2014

A Visit to the Lake & the Hunting Camp

Wednesday, Al, Shawnee and I went up to the lake.
I painted the steps to the back and front steps (They looked pretty faded after the pressure wash guy cleaned them a few weeks ago.) while Al painted one of the bathrooms.

The weather was perfect and we enjoyed lunch on the porch.
We left fairly early in the afternoon so Al made a detour on our way home to take us on a tour of
 The Hunting Camp!

Al goes deer hunting every year.  He and his buddies start getting ready long before hunting season starts.  Al has been coming up here for years (John used to go up once in awhile too)! He and Al also had another group that they belonged too but that one had no building.

Shawnee and I had never been there and I never knew exactly where it was located.

When you enter the main room, there are bunks all around the room.  I lost count but I think Al said there is room to sleep 28 men.  Also a few bunks upstairs. (now I know why John never spent the night!

  Some of the guys used to play card real late - now that they're older - they have a cabin out back for the card players.

Al & Shawnee at Hunting Camp


Heating unit

Kitchen tour

 Shawnee and I said we would definitely not be joining the hunting club! (Not that we were asked)

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