Monday, October 6, 2014

Mindless Sewing 2014

On and off during the past few months, I have been making half square triangles (HST) when I just felt like sewing something but didn't want to get a big project out.
The pattern requires lots of HST in 3, 2, 1.5, and 1" finished sizes. 
I finally had enough of each size to begin making some blocks Sunday afternoon.
The portion pictured measures 24 x 36".
Lots more HST's in the future - about 1800 total.

Now I really need to get back to my UFO's and make some backings and bindings.

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spope said...

You are a most amazing quilter. And how you can pick so many beautiful colors and seemingly randomly put them together to make a stunning visual is beyond me. I love this pattern also. I have been collecting hsts also from making flying geese but not pretty colors. Thanks for inspiring me.