Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Waiting for the Plumber - Lake

While waiting for the plumber to come and install a new dishwasher and repair the pump on the irrigation system  - I started making these blocks to use for donation quilts.

It took two trips to the lake and four days before the jobs got done.  I have enough blocks to make two quilts  - one is sewn together - the other set is resting on the side of the sewing table.

I also had time to read a couple of novels - so I really enjoyed what might have been a big annoyance.

We had several showers but this was by far the heaviest,  The boathouse was barely visible during the worst of it.  No thunder or lightning with it though.  It came up really fast and there were lots of boats flying in to shore. And an hour later the sun was shining brightly again.

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