Sunday, August 2, 2015

Another Birthday and Something Wild in My Flower garden

Something Wild in My Flower Garden  75 x 90"
I made this quilt in 1999.  It was one of the first quilts that I made using a pattern that I had drafted myself.  The border was adapted from one in a book by Jinny Beyers.  The name is reflective from the rattlesnake pattern idea.  It is machine quilted.  It won a blue ribbon and a special award for color at the Capitol Quilters show in 2000 and a Gold Needle award and white ribbon at the 2000 NC State Fair.

I gave it to Shelly who celebrated her 50th this year.

We celebrated a little early with a girl party. dinner at David's Noodle Bar then back to Tracey's for GiGi's cupcakes, as she was going to be in Bora Bora on the big day. (Pretty hard to take)

Grand Girls
 Had to add this one as Molly had already ditched us for another party!


I need to get back to doing some sewing  - haven't sewed a stitch since I got home from NYS - except for a little sewing at the Saturday Bee.

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