Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sewing on labels

I have been choosing and labeling quilts to take to some of my nieces and nephews when we have our family reunion this month at my sister's farm.  It took me a few days to decide which quilt would fit which recipient.  I wrote directly on the quilts that had fabrics that were conducive to it.  One was already labeled so I wrote additional information on it and the rest I added labels to the corners by opening the binding a little to insert it there.  I have 11 ready to put into tote bags.

I have a few more that I want to label and give.  These will go to John's side of the family. They will be a project for when I get back.

This is one I wrote directly on the quilt.

I used to label each quilt as I finished it.  I don't remember when I stopped doing that but perhaps I should at least sew on a blank label.


spope said...

I really do like how this one turned out. and I like the simplicity and of course the scrappy.

spope said...

all I can say is you have some lucky relatives. I see my favorite in one of those piles. Maybe I can make one some day.
I certainly need to use up some of my batiks.