Friday, September 9, 2011

Sewing Time

Thursday was sewing day with Cathy, Connie and Sally.  I was late as usual (had a good excuse for a change) but I did finish a few nine patch blocks.  Last week, while looking for something else, I found these nine patch blocks that I started almost 2 years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't keep a copy  of the idea I had for them.        Wow  - they don't look so good in this picture.  I had used mostly creams as the lights.
This group has more white base backgrounds.  I think I now have 42 blocks done.  I think I will make the interior of the quilt 63 x 81".  So lots more nine patches ahead! 

When I saw this quilt on the cover of a recent magazine, I just loved it.  I love all things stringy and scrappy.  Soo ------- of course I had to start something else.  It is so addictive to just sew all those little strips together.   Then chop, chop,chop and you have these cute little squares.   Well, we'll see where this leads.

I had lots of time to sew as my car was at the dealership all day.  Coming home from vacation, we were rear ended.  We had the repairs done at a collision place but still had a code that needed to be removed by the Toyota Shop.  We had just received a recall notice for it too. In addition they found  a couple other things that needed attention. There goes my allowance for a few weeks.  But I'm glad to have my car back in A1 condition.

Right now I'm waiting for a Chocolate Pound Cake to finish baking.  Tomorrow we have lots going on at church. - Chicken Barbecue Dinner, Antique Car Show, Kids Games, Yard Sale, Ladies Boutique, Auction, and Frozen Casserole and Bake Goods Sale, etc. -   You can find me at the bake sale room.

Have a good weekend!

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