Monday, September 26, 2011

String Squares

Saturday was the Undercover Bee meeting.  I finished making the squares for this quilt.  I sewed it together yesterday afternoon.  It was 57 x 76" which to me seems to be an odd size.
 I made some borders to try out.  If I add borders on three sides it will be 71 x 81 or on all sides 71 x 86".  The side borders are 7" and the top/bottom are 5".
I can think about it today as we have Table of Grace at church.  We're making Baked Spaghetti, green beans, fruit salad and pound cake with ice cream for dessert. 
I may go to the Monday session of Disciple Class as long as I'm already at church.  That way we can go up to the lake and not have to worry about getting back for the Wed. evening session.
Have a good day! 

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