Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Nice Surprise

Al, Howard, Joyce & John
We had a nice surprise this week.  Half of the children in John's family were together for a visit.
Howard & his wife had been in Myrtle Beach for the Golf Tournament last week and planned to spend a few days here this week.

Joyce's daughter, who lives in CA, has tickets to the DNC convention on Wed & Thurs.  So she picked up her Mom in Chicago and brought her along to visit while she is in Charlotte.

Sunday we had an impromptu party at Tracey's with all the cousins who could make it.
We took Joyce back to the lake with us and have been having lots of fun catching up.

Meredith & Tracey

We have lots of things planned all week.  Movie night, game night, etc. Today, was a perfect day for a ride on the lake. 

Tomorrow Joyce and I will make casseroles for the church festival on Saturday and then we will have Game night in the evening.  Catan anyone?

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