Sunday, September 16, 2012

Friday at the Lake

After all the tree cutting and trimming a couple of weeks ago - they missed this one!  The top fell on the shed roof and the rest of the tree seemed wobbly.

John and Hay tried to pull it over with Hay's tractor.  after much messing around, they ended up sawing it down with the chain saw (but I think they like to play with their toys)

Later Ed came over with his tractor to pick up the sawed logs and take them to the burning pile at his place.  Thanks to the Old Guy Squad the tree is taken care of except for the piece still on the roof.  Need another guy for that!   And John can get out his tractor and mow the grass.

What did I do all day other than keep track of John?

I sorted through the toy boxes.  Gave some to the church for the yard sale, threw away some and what was left got a bath.

These old Fisher Price sets  from the 60's and 70's are my favorites.   Now all the toys will fit in one toy box.

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