Saturday, November 30, 2013

Archive Quilt 194, 198 - 202

In 2005, I made 6 quilts from this pattern.  One for each of my children's families and I gave one to our church for the fall community day.  I remember sitting here on the sofa in the evenings, tracing the pattern pieces or cutting them out after they were bonded to fabric.  Each quilt was similar but I used different fabrics here and there.  I guess I was so weary of them when I finished that I never took pictures of them.  This is the only picture I have! And why didn't I make one for myself?   The little tree to the left is one that is up all year in my sewing room.

Tomorrow is the first Sunday in Advent so the worship committee met this morning to deck the church. The children will finish putting the ornaments on the Christmon tree.

I love our church and the colors of our windows.  Whoever designed them picked the perfect colors as far as I'm concerned.  The front of the church originally had a blue velvet drape in the center so perhaps that is why the blue was used.  I may have to do some research.

 After some shopping  - It was back to the cookies.  Peanut Blossoms.

And these are filled cookies that both my Mom and John's used to make.  Mine used jelly and jam in the middle - John's Mother made a raisin filling that was very good.  Shelly like the jelly filled so that is what I used.

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