Friday, November 22, 2013

Not Much Time For Sewing

Trees to set up and decorate!


Tables ready for the thousands of cookies!

Still need to put up trees by the entrance.

The men have the Nativity Scenes set up.

This is the second year for our little town to have a light show for Christmas.  It is free and tonight was the first night for it to be lit.  The town square also has it's lighting tonight.  Our church has a cookie walk sponsored by the women and the men also had a live Nativity in conjunction with the town's doings.
It was a lovely warm evening and we had lots of cookie buyers. 

 Seemed a little strange to be doing this before Thanksgiving but that wasn't my call.  I was just a baker of cookies and weighed the boxes of cookies.  It was fun to see all the little ones so excited to see so many cookies at one time.

Actually I did get all my trees sewn together.  It measures 51 x 63".  I will go to Bee in the morning and maybe  I can try out some border options.  I'll have to leave early as my Table of Grace gals are going to meet to cook collards for Monday.  It will be a cooking lesson for me.

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