Monday, February 17, 2014

Stitchers Garden Again

Up with the birdies this morning so I had enough time to finish the last of my stitcher's garden blocks.

There are 6 little 5" blocks.  They are finished with # 5 Perle cotton used in the bobbin.  Now when Sally is ready with her blocks , we will have to have a session to figure out how to put all the blocks together.  We did get a set of instructions with the pattern. 

And Saturday I got these two ready to add to"My Quilting Queue".


 Just time for another cup of coffee before Monday Morning Bible Study.   We have been reading Deuteronomy and will probably finish it next week.  Then we will switch to I Timothy.  MMBS has been a  mainstay in our church for over twenty five years.  Mary Charlotte R. organized it and it met at her house until about 3 years ago when she needed assisted living care. There have been just two leaders over the years - Alta Ruth S. and Randi McG.  We meet at 10 AM every Monday for 1 hour from September through May. We start the year with an old testament book and follow up with something from the new testament as time permits.  I look forward to it and admire the dedication Randi in preparing for it each week.  She recently moved and is traveling over an hour each way to continue with the group.  God Bless Randi and safe travels for her. And good wishes  and love to Mary Charlotte and Alta Ruth. 

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